Focus on those in need, we’re always told to. Find the problem so you know what methods to use, they keep on reminding.

Then you know more and can prevent things better.

Focusing is the essence of solving the problems you see, the change that’s becoming a necessity to prevent the conflicts ahead and those of the past.

It makes much sense! It does right?

At first it is like a scene taking straight from a cartoon: Man sees disaster, man sees fear. Man is alone in despair. Man remembers he’s a human, and goes where noise is heard.

Cartoons are drawings of funny trivial yet very basic stuff. So at this point a practical yet essential manmade creation is used as a ‘metaphor’. A light bulb occurs with the words ‘PUFF!’ or ‘AHA!’ next to it!

Man talks to these people he heard earlier. And makes them listen! He emphasizes and stresses, how fragile this whole situation is. How urgent it is, and that Man needs new man to join. This is where a concept is born. ‘Gatherings’ or ‘Unity’ the me and you’s of the world are suddenly combined and included in a long and complicated equation – that look like this: one man + another man + a new man = progress, progress + new idea(s) by man = concepts, one concept = a new concept = two new concepts = a 1000 more.

What this weird and mathematically unmathematical equation shows that when one new thing is ‘created’ it increases growth and gives birth to lots and lots of new creative babies!

Conclusion is that my focus is by other dictated to be solely on one problem or one group. BUT what experiences, studies and experiments show is that one’s focus need something to spare with (just like professional boxers do). Mankind is a creature that things better when accompanied by other. Ergo the saying: Great minds think alike. However, I also believe that unlike minds think greatly together – maybe even better 🙂


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