Silently you watch my every move.

Communicating purely on a higher sphere.

Speaking more clearly than the tears on my cheeks.

Talking without the use of words, yet calming every fear.

That lives and grows with in me.

Speachless I have become.

Knombed to the point where I’m stoned and unknown.

My walls are up. I’m feeling guarded and defensive.

Like I am emptying the last ounces of soul left.

Seems as if; silence has finally silenced me.

It has taking all the passion and compassion,

I had in me.

Replaced it with a cooler, and more complete version of me.

Truthfully my moves where destined to fail.

Your oberservation where modelled to prevail.

The sun and moon was forever to be on your side!

Favortism is fully accuiped and alive..


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