AFRICANS SOLVING their own problem’s is something I’m very proud of – not because I’m a part of it (in person). However, as a viewer from abroad, I look at Africa not only as a friend, but as a member of the African-global-community. It therefore brings me hope and new found energy to see this supprising development. It makes me (dare to) believe in a better future for the countries that shaped my parents identity. It cleares up the rather smooked view on a country that actually used to be a NATION full of literiture. The people of my country were known for their poems for centuries, and still are sons and father’s of well-established poets.

I look at Africa. My Africa with joy because the fact that I’m surrounded by the smell of prosperity and dignity. Our Africa is a place where diversity meets, where languages intergrate, where cultures debate, where there isn’t any over-analized or one-sided hate. In these testing times there seems to only be room for harmony and peace. This might be why people choose their battles wisely, we all learned this lesson the hard way. ‘Choose the battles before it picks you up and throughs you down harder then you would’ve fallen, if you did it all on your own!’

Africa is a place where darkerskinned-countries seize to diminish the echoes of colonized principals and outdated views. They finally have the courage to catch their CARPE DIEM. Giving the Colonies a news falsh. Telling them they no longer need a stample of approvel from ‘overseas’ to be set free into their own hoods and oceans. They have rediscovered their minds, thoughts, waters and birds. They all now again have a ability to create words, images, scriptures, films, visions and versions of their own history. No matter what continent they currently live at! Their view on the past, and how it has an impact on not only one country, but all the countries in the present give them a sense of intitlement.

This is a ‘paper of thoughts’ that finds itself at the beginning of its new journey. Not a journey full of lonesomeness but one full of different changing spaces and faces, while dealing with a lot of unknown places. A passage from at one end of the world to another even better state. A state that might lead us, Africans, towards a better FUTURE or towards a more predicament. Either way the future for the heart of Africa can only be bright, ’cause this heart is divided into several strong and wonderful hearts, living in each their country, sheading each their light of knowledge, love, respect and tranquility on their people.

Feelings of happiness is is almost felt by the hard-working inhabitants of Africa, but untill the day they themselves feel this harmony on their own bodies; I see it as my role in this process. towards a new and improved Africa to be one of many sources that reminds and observers the progress. I might not know all there is to know about this historic continent, but hope to make up for it by passion and respect for Africa.

As said by so many great poets and songwriters, who have been to Mama Africa – in the lands of our ancestors; “Africa has an interesting yet powerful affect on your way of life and love”. Evidently everything changes when the air around you changes – this change might be a personal one or one shared by a whole movement. Either way it’s an experience that can only bring good vibes and wishes to a seed of people, who are in need of simply that. They are in need of pure hope!


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