Many of us believe, we deserve more than what life has to offer.

We later on realize, one door of opportunity is one of many.

When I was younger I used to ask my siblings:

Where does the first sense of safety and belonging vanish to?

Does it leave because of boredom or defience?

Maybe it is threatent by voilent creatures or starved to death?

My first stage of simpel happiness with you, I remember clearly.

At that time all members of our beloved family did, what they were suppose to.

When pay was do they obeyed and money was cashed in.

They knew who to protect and what they wanted in return.

According to them all answers were at their disposel.

The knew for a fact that the highway to Heavens where visable in their backyard.

No doubt was near to create disasters or plant fear.

Joy and tranquility had proven itself to be a valuable steady competator.

It was at this level small changes kicked in and camped at our safe spot for good!

Our family no longer was a familiar space, face or spouse.

This case also known as our family was destined to have unknown distance between them.

With thousands of unforseen trials and tripulations ahead.

The simplicity did no longer play a part in our family dynamic.

Our past had left the face of the Earth without a trail!

We were all we had to correct its mistakes..


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