Hearts in uncountable numbers

Meet in the horison, hurring not

No longer left to themselves.

Spending their precious time with

Their family and close friends.

Mingle and intertwine is all there’s on their minds

Making sure they no all there is to know

To stay proud yet just as broke.

Never broken, burried, or borrowed

Embracing the presence presented to them

As an unfortunate one,

yet succesfully maintaining their well-known calmness..

Promissing ourselves to never feel blindsided by someone elses bright light.


Encouraged by new waves, wind and shades

Expriencing another kind of Kingdom

Switching over to an attitude full of gratitude

Stiller styles strengtening my every thought

Putting freshly grown ideas in my young brain

Cultivating the naivity straight out of me

I was in a different place yesterday – with them

Today I see things in a different light, away from them

To night I might share my dreams..

With an amoured knight, if the time is right

It might seem wrong to the others

However, the choice will always be ours to make

Feelings are what two induviduals forever will share

Melted our hearts are destined to be

Meetings they have had and always will <33

Regardless of what other people have to say!


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