ImageWhy do we always see ourselves as people of something?

People of the world, people of the universe, of a certain continent or country.

The most important one for most is being people of God.

Why do we either search for something bigger then we’ll ever be,

Or think that the exsistence of anything unscientific is more then possible.

Asking some religious people they know:

“How can you seem so clever and still say your spiritually believing in the Divine?”

All I know is that I live to feel a state of peace and harmony.

Wherever it may be.

I hope to find a spot always connected to the Above.

Like a hotspot where all the heavenly praised consultants,

Are gathered as one entity.

I strive to solemly be syncrenised with a holy source

That shines stronger than the lightest light!


4 thoughts on “BELIEVING – NON-BELIEVING….

    1. Thanks for your comment and likes. That’s pretty much my worldview these days :). It’s nice to recieve positive words from people, who read my poems.

      Thanks again..
      – A Puzzling Passage (Yusra)

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