Our Princesses, Queens, Empresses, Godesses

Royal titles like these are sacred even beloved

Belonging to their citizens like state gold

Dividing no one, conquring their fear of history

Having nothing to do with foreign diversity

Singleling out anyone is no longer a necessity

Watching the light swimming closer and closer to us

Facing a sing that tells us it’s about that hour

Where the silence is forced to join the choir

When we’re seen as naturally one of their own

Who are just as happy and sad about the situation

Debating on whatever and whoever we’re suppose to

Summoned and common issues are votated and veto’ed on

Healing voices are heard above us and protectting our tailes

Telling us it is almost past the hour, moving on to midnight

Flowy blossuming light, shimmering into a new space

Traced by your eyes, matching mine like never before

Showing a new kind of sincere support of one another

Letting the legacy go straight over to the next generation

Of confident, independent, caring, indearing, loveable ladies

Also known as: the Princesses, the Queens, the Empresses, the Godesses

Of our worlds, the beings who strengthen relationship and bounds

Established all over the universe, driven by the tails told by the Elder

Rituals sacred and significant to the Children of these Worlds

<3-ly Fairytale you will never be told to un deserving ones

Once you have been shared and told – You will never again be on your own.


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