Words are supposed to count for something, the more meanings they have  the better their value is.

The more they shock people the better effect they have.

The more stupid they make people feel the better status they give.

The more unique you become by finding them the more willing you become to keep on searching for them.

In the end they become your trusting and loyal friends.

The more time you spend with them less you see the rest of your friends.

You find yourself only talking and listening to them.

They are the only ones who understand you like HE used to.

They are friends with both of you.

The words always know how to find you and where HE is at all times.

That gives them a power more special than anything else in this tiny world.

Your world revolves around HIM – HE is the center of our universe.

They are the omniscient narrator’s – narrating a new intense story about love, life, laughter and limits.

We are all in connection with greatness.

Senses are all working towards a greater future.

Our future is controlled my millions of insects.

These creatures share with us their wisdom giving to them by their clever ancestors.


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