• I have chosen to do something different to day and give you guys and insight in, what inspires me and I like to read and reflect on. I love words, sentences and other things like that I can think and use my spare time trying to figure out. I love lyrics, musical ones and more artistic kinds as well.
  • Here are some of the words and thoughts shared with us by unknown thinkers and other well-known souls.
  • Enjoy!

The chosen ones šŸ˜‰

  • Modesty is not so much an attribute of the body as it is a charateristic of the individual’s interiority.
  • Feeling good is an overrated expression of emotions. When it’s good it can impossible get any better than great.
  • When the lights go off, all of us humans suddenly all look the same.
  • Don’t forget that your history is what can make your dignity and shape your destiny!I

And the last one for today …

  • I might have left home physically, but home never left my heart šŸ™‚

Today I’ve shared with you 5 short sentences that I hope have the same impact on your Summery Sunday – Peace Y


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