Promises giving to me since before I could speak

Has been forgotten but never fully forgiving

Has now become the big golden elephant in the room

That’s sinking the ship and left me in a state of disattachment

Where I can no longer see or hear if anyone or everyone is near

Or if my lovely but very much separated parent’s are here with me

For I am souless, homeless but forever angious, dangerous yet full of courous

Though I am no where near the Godess that gave birth to me

Or the Queen I was destined to be and might never become the Empiress that named me

Reasoned that the prince I belong to has lost his ways for many days

Resulting in turbulence and terrible turmboil on the way leading to a furious King

Come back to reclaim his Kingdom, Queen, Mistress and all Children..

After the seize of fire has occurred I silently sigh and say by goodbyes

All the energy I has in me was taken by my family and given to my mother

Any reboot button left on me was replaced with SOS signs made by my ancestors

I look down when I walk well-knowing that I have royalty in my veins

However common is my still my middle-name

Hoping that all the different parts of me somehow will join forces

I pray for peace, harmony and tranquility

Will forever be my companion for the rest of this lifetime

May I never say my name in vain – Or be associated with any kind of shame


Immediately I hear a strong voice say: ‘Your prayers will be heard today, tomorrow and thousands of lifetimes ahead. Prayers are never silent, distant or looked down upon!’

May all Our Gods hear your cry for help and return it ten times more..


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