I WANT YOU TO.. Let go give it up – unite

If I ask you something would you agree to

Set it all aside an come join me in high crime ride?

If I needed you to help me – like a cat in need does

Make a signal you’d do, symbolizing the passionate connection we have?

If we combined all there is in you and in me

Would it be possible to unite in full degree?

If an answer was never available

What could be done to solve this inevitable problem we have?

Lights go out every day in this world

Living in this predicament is primarily my occupation

Leaving is a price I’ll never be ready to pay

Lightly I will always react and respond – remesmerized my your sight

Lighter it might not ever feel again

Listening to musical love and passionate rythms

Lively it always has been when all lets up and gives go

Unity, united, unified..


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