Separated  while still married.

What happened to us?

What’s yours is no longer mine.

Don’t leave your shit behind. Resolved and returned.

Our final goodbyes.. Back to our own realities.

New lovers and new futures. In different countries..

We no longer exist as one!

Patience always pays off…

Kissing does the rest of the job (laughter is the joy of life).

Texting with your ex is still the work of the devil. Undercover work stuff!

Talking to your undercover ex-lover..

She misses him and he feared and left with no reply..

Ended with a sigh and he gets breakfast in bed…

Good mornings.

I like to think of life as a little puzzle, and for a long time I’ve been looking for the big center piece.

And then I found you – you just fit this puzzle.

For me it was finally complete making me want to spend the rest of my life with you!

The past collides with the future making and emotional ticking bomb.

He finally left with the white fancy chair he gave her. And she left him with her bag and box of stuff, no goodbyes just silence and pure awkwardness.


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