When my experiences get shot down for being naive and unrealistic. I wake up from my sleep and realize that… Not even celebrating a thousand birthdays, will ever able me to change their perception of me or my age. If I’m giving a first impression that smells and sings youthful and naivity. It is impossible to wipe away the memory of these impressions – it’s already eternaly inprinted.

Just like the enthusiasm I have for my future and for life – it will personaly and forever be mine.

Perception’s are uncontrollable, but actions are more unreliable at times. If left only to be determined by ones emotions it might become too powerful an emotional. Not because your young, but because the feeling are… Impulsive, individual but at the same time united.

For many centuries philosophers’ and other great minds have concluded that human beings, are influenced by much more then the bare eye can see. Nature and the society itself inhabits creatures and some elements that remain mysterious yet somewhat magical. They have a vibe, which fascinates almost everyone, who experiences it. Also those who never get the chance too for some reason the result is the shame. You become enfactuated!

I’m being influenced by Earths universal atmosphere and not sensing any of it at all. Maybe both of these reactions are huge and radical. They exsist in each of their end of the ‘human emotion spectacle’. Both unfreed and unwanted just like the relationship between you and me..

But I just choose to be open-minded, unwilling to believe in the perceptions surrounding me.


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