You walk around here like a man of certainty

Destined for something not seen for centuries

Someone whose sure of the present

Someone with a proper and prosper future

Convincing me that the impossible at some point

Will become possible to obtain and regain

As long as you believe in it

A beautiful and idyllic thought that made my day

For like a WHOLE year!

An utopic idea and a long pep talk you than gave me

Slowly I started to hear the inconsistencies

In the things you were feeding me

At first I dismissed these traces full of doubt

As unproven speculations

However, the more I denied it the more proof of it

Came knocking on my door

Facts on facts piled up till my brain finally froze

Your freakishly high functioning censor kicked in

Like a worker trying to save his 9-17 job

You tried to persuade me into believing otherwise

This didn’t work the way that you had hoped

You found yourself caught in a state of panic

The fear of loneliness made you pull up the white flag

You gave up way before you had to – ‘fight for what?’

Was what you had to say – explaining to me that:

‘Saving me face and reputation I have to’

These were the last words I was willing to hear from you

Silence was now what my world would become

I happily welcomed this silence by inviting it for dinner 🙂


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