The moment is here and will not pass on as just a period in time, but as a pillar stone, which always will be remembered as, when he and she became one solemnly and whole entity. Our unity as one craft of love. Craftsmen of hands and words have united to live under one rule of law. I solemnly swear to give you all there is in this tiny soul and body of mine to give. I’ll give with not only the common organs I have as the heart, but also the more creative ones like my mind, body, soul, mana and spirits. For I am determined to stay here beside you, ’cause it is where I feel and know I belong.

I hope that you’ll understand all these gifts and receive them with the gratitude and kindness they deserve. You who I adore most in this world. I thank you for the happiness I’ve gained in such a small period of time where you have officially been known as mine. Last but not least I want you to know that I acknowledge you as my newly wedded husband and I see myself as your wife for life. My fellow beloved craftsmen, I wish you heaps and heaps of days with desire and drive. May your days of marriage be full of joy and blueberries. Hope to be able to spend the rest of my long life with you in all states of mind even if we become senile. I do want to make a toast for always remembering to celebrate the special forces that enter your life. Value them while they are with you and stay with them in their hearts when they are away from you. Man-i you and I are the A that makes mazing a-mazing 😉

I am entirely yours ❤


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