My past will no longer hide in the shades of the present

Or talk badly of my bright future all ’cause of envy

No! It will be worn and embraced as the resolved and accepted

Part of me

Dwelling on something that happened centuries ago

Wont mend the pain or heal my sorrows away

Only the legacy of good memories will help recover and reboost the old

So that it can have a positive and gracious place today

The summer has come all the way into my thoughts,

In printed it has created a fresh beginning for all of us

Maybe so that I can see there still might be more to me

A redefinition of the old me – of who I was and who I now am

One that doesn’t necessarily replace the future version

But a me that is present in more than one period at a time

Someone who doesn’t fear the changes life brings

The farewells we sometimes have to say

I hope I can be a person who accept all flaws of mine

Welcome whatever life has to offer

Whether if be new faces, places and spaces

… Might finally be time to believe in all of me


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