Getting lifted, up to the highest point

Creating an atmosphere hooked on air

Spreading laughter while letting everything else go

Choices become our own to take and break

Our eyes are now our only witness

Signals can be found creeping in all corners

5 senses giving to us from above to ease our lives

But it is having the exact opposite affect

Chaotic, melodramatic at all times

It only seems to make my eyes see it all clear

But my ears  hear something complete different

My smell is awful for some reason it’s non existent

Have no taste either, maybe my tongue is numb

Starting to hate all kinds of touches – touching me

Confusing when what you used to know no longer is true

Which is making you think about it more

Realizing that your whole body is totally numb

I’m definitely at the highest point

Supposedly feeling lifted, rediscovered, even satisfied?

Surrounded by a crowd of followers and some strangers

All acting as if they are my friends and loved ones

Talking to me like they’ve known me for years

But the truth is all I feel at this so called amazing point of my life is lost

I walk in circules – unemotional – I’m at a state of despair


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