I’m a stranger around my own people

They say I’m not one of them

Though everyone else can see that I am

I look like they do, talk like them I also do

I even smile and laugh like them too

When I was younger it meant the world to me

To become one of them – becoming a nice’d out mali was my biggest wish

Would’ve done anything to be accepted by my people

But just kept on feeling neglected – I then isolated myself

I got more and more rejected – so tried to run away from it

I guess it was my clothes, where I lived and what I felt

That was the problem…

It seemed like the more I tried the harder it got

And the less it seemed to be working

‘Till it eventually became impossible

Now I want almost nothing to do with them

Funny enough it’s them that need and want my company today

‘Cause they see the abilities blending two or more cultures

And staying true to the real you can do for you

They understand more than ever what education can give

What it has given me – what it has done for many of us

How it sometimes has the power to set you free for a while

Shine if that’s what you want to – or keep your feet on solid ground

If that’s what’s the right thing for you!

My people have become a part of the country I now call home

They have always wanted to stay here

I guess they just now feel confident enough to say it out loud?

I’m proud of them for what they represent

I’m amazed by what they have accomplished

And will stand near them in this uphill struggle to maintain

What we hold dear – what we must give to the future us

And that’s our legacy, poetry, culture, language and tradition

These are the parts of us that cannot be rewritten or replaced

Hopefully we as a People can very soon open a book

And read night time stories to our children

The same story in both their mother tongue

And in other languages as well – if that’s what we want to ❤


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