A little something about my dearest mother;)

My mum is the creator of both my soul and my mana. She is the sun that controlled all of the elements in my life. The founder of my identity. The one who showed me the importance of wearing your background and dignity on your sleeves.

To me you are, what makes me strife to always be better. You remind me that thinking with one’s mind always wins over doing what others tell one to. You are the one that gave me my name. Loved me so much that I was almost named after your dear mother.

Yusra meaning light and easy. If my skin had been darker I would’ve received the great name Yusur. I’m the last child you gave birth to. And I hope that you by now know that I am in great debt to you.

For you are always here when I need you. A comforting part of me you will always be. A place in my heart, you were the first person that got. The last child to leave your house is, who I forever will be. Now I see that you and me are forever bounded in a symbioses of love and loyalty!

My mother, my hero, my world – a true superwoman. The kind that Alicia Keys describes (in her song).


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