I woke up this morning with a lovely ambiance surrounding me – like a fresh breath of air. The mood became hopeful, telling be to take a break, and think things through at least twice. I know it has to be because of something new. Have no idea where this came from or what made it happen to me now. It just made me whole again.All I can do when I gain my conscience is laugh out loud and make a big heavy sigh. So high that I can see my body reboot itself. Refilled with new energy I manage to sit up straight, in my weird enough awfully comfortable bed. Smelling new baked bread suddenly soberly thinking; ‘It’s Sunday that’s why!!!’. Knowing it is you. Your here with me. And for that reason all I want to do is run over to you, and immediately say: “I know I can change. If that change means that you’ll become mine for real this time. I can change for you but only you. You bring that out of me.”


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