We are what some call fortuned, ’cause we have one another. We know what it means to miss someone and will do what we have to, so that will never feel this way again! You’re are more gifted and precious than anyone I’ve met before. You matter to me more than most!

In this little world we live in, there are no fairy Godmothers. There do not exist castles, great forests or kingdoms connecting Heaven to Earth. No man or woman have the caulities to forsee the destinies of everyone, tell how are past has treated us, or predict were we all might end up. There aren’t any Kings, Queens, Pricesses or Princes living amongs us. No great conflict that ended with a big war between to forces divided people into evil and good. No one has experienced miracles and lived to tell about it. We’ve only known, how heartbreak and deception feels, so we’ve chosen not to dwele on it, but move on with your lives. We do indeed believe in the words whispered to us from our great ancestors saying that: “Great things only happen to those, who keep their heart positive”..

For that reason we advice other’s to find out what, they need and care for most in life. Cherish that special thing, and when they have it in their possesion, they should try their best to assure that it does not end up in the wrong dark hands! The truth is the only thing that mend the hearts of the weak and unfortune. You are your own hero, and therefor the one, who can change the state of your mind. If you want things changed,  then do it yourself! No one else has the power to do it for you. You only belong to the one you love, cause he/she is all you have. We all need to grow, and can’t ever leave without finishing, what we’ve started. We ain’t over and might never be done.

You know that changes are possible and things can turn into, what you’ve dreamed it would be. We can all become the ones you pictured we’d be. My soulless heart will always be yours to hold, my world has and is for eternity imaged in your reflection. Reminding us that we are crafted to fit and stay forever as one hole unity. United as a remembrance of the power pure passion plays on your pride – it will own it and force it to give up its tight over everyone else. Nobody should posses equally as amount as love does over couples and other creatures, who live in these great Universe called Mother Earth.

You and I are a team owning our own faithful theme build on compassion, honesty and my faithful companion ❤


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