Hold my hand, hold it tight.

A silhouette emerges in the gloomy light serenading cries during the night, it’s reminding them that their past is no longer their future. She holds his hair in her hands, she can’t let him go. He doesn’t want her to. They both know this might be their first shower in a while, but it doesn’t mean it’s their last. She feels his love for her and decides to cherish it! Kissing like they used to – kisses she once new renewed and reignited. Silent kisses.

We are one; their hearts suddenly say!

A heart that no longer is a normal organ, but changed into a force to be reckoned with. Their love has been compared to world armies and universal rules like, gravity. Yet their still holding each other. She is in his arms where she always knew she belonged. He breathes out deeper than ever before. Laughs and smiles make her act like he usually does, when she is around him. The tension has left the bathroom – warming up the cold water. Connecting them together again!


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