You’re slowly but surely breaking me into so many pieces that I’m unable to pick them all up. Guess we’re stuck with what we have. What we had just wasn’t good enough for your standards, for your glorious past or something like that.

I’m guttered, left stuttering, smothering every memory left from when you and I were – a we. Never setting these memories free. No they’re going down the grave with me.  I used to care for you – all of you. It was all or nothing – not maybe or someday!

I don’t believe in what I used to, no more not ever again. I never thought I’d ever hate you like I find myself doing. I’ve lost my faith in what we have. Faith has left the building. Fate left me in destiny’s hands. I guess your deal with destiny gave you the upper hand. Now I’m left behind trying to get through whatever it is that’s holding me back. No regrets no time for any thinking or contemplating – time to suck it up and work it all out. For my own sake – for what I used to be – for the new me. For my freedom, for my soul, for the feeling of being whole, unison – as one! For me refinding my self and becoming me again!


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