I like that in this town my two worlds unite – become one people calling each other peeps. So sweet selling one another sweets for all the sweeties, we’ve ever met and gonna meet.

All the wonders this town has to offer lie right under our noses, making noises so we finally give them the attention they deserve, they need. Tend to them and treat them like the Royalties they always have been. Queens and Kings are amongst us, gather us together and remember us of, who we are and what we are able to achieve.

I’m going the same way I always have, hearing the talks and whispers coming from corners and empty sidewalks.

We get the people and the government near us, showing us what they stand for what they find important. Telling us where they are at now, at this moment. It’s time to show our true colors. The people are showing the color of our skin, heart and brain – the new side of town. While the wonders of our words fight against the empty promises of tomorrow’s world leaders. We have nothing to loose but everything to gain. They have lost it all and anything is now possible. Let us keep this great predicament of joy, light and prosperity.

Our unisons will concur it all. ‘Cause we are who we’ve always said we were. A strong community fighting for what we believe in.


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