Wait a minute I don’t have one more minute to give. I gave all I had to give to you. You went on giving all you had to someone new. And I’m left here looking like an old-skool-too-colorful-peace-luving-too-ambitious-youthful-but-still-considered-beautiful-fool. I used to be your fool, and you liked that because you saw the special thing in my very weird and quirky shell of a cover. I was covered in hostility the first time you laid your eyes on me. This is just one of them hated days, where nothing goes the way they’re suppose to. Where I don’t want to do what I’m suppose to do.

I say I don’t need this. I say I ain’t like that. I say that I’m never gonna go back. However, I always end up in front of the same door wearing the same facial expression and fake smile. Feeling let down while solemnly swearing to my soul and all the above that: I never will get over this shallowness again. Only to end up saying the same damn thing to my self tree weeks later, like a lying and sneaky alligator, whose in love with a hostile and scared snake with cobra stripes – hot like fire smoking it all up. Maybe this is merely a gimmick and not true love, now where’s my limit. I had it in my two hands holding it carefully like a few seconds ago – why did it leave me? Where did it go?

He’s been planning this all along, listening to my silly thoughts, now making me think if he’s intentions just seemed pure. Purest sense of maturity I had ever seen – seeing isn’t my best sense it seems.

Now I finally know – your mask is on the floor. It was dark and comfortable – not anymore. It’s too painful, pained by the paint you had all over your hands. Trying to get close to me, when you we’re almost over. We’re at the last train station. I’m trying to gather my stuff, so I can rise again with my head held high, my limits restored and my pride back by my side – it’s time to say goodbye.

Guess Keri was right their is a limit to my love and my limit is you! Still my soul ‘gasps’ letting my heart finally speak, after hiding it from the eyes of your mask. But now your mask is gone and the truth is out. There’s nothing holding you back – you’re done with all of that. Our issues are the reason why your loosing me. I was sure that I had something to do with this, was sure that my heart disease would get the best of us, take it all and leave nothing behind. No, it ain’t me it’s all about you and your boundaries, your issues, your past, your lovers, your gifts, your family that’s come to haunt the shit out you. Polluted rooted mood it alone and alive, now I dare you to look at my eyes into them – can you?

Your actions speak load and it’s clear you’ll always be the boy I wish was here – wanted to be near and not way over there. Now his smiling while saying ‘Please stay with me here!? Can’t… No I won’t let this be the last time, I see you. All I have is you honey – you suga the only kind I like. Now let us rekindle the spirits and care I know we will always share! I care for you my feelings go way deep – please listen to me. I want you to stay with me here – always you – lets be foolishly together Y’


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