Me, Metropol – Mesmorized

Me, Metropol – Mesmorized

Calmed by the breeze that has an unknown force of nature                                                 It should be cold and uncomfortable, instead it matches well with the sun                       Leaving me in a balance as never before…                                                                                         The city makes sounds of technology between the shades of the tree branches.         Everything is huge an static. It all seems magestical, almost reagal                                Definately sensing an entirely different an refreshing vibe in this metropol                 All the time I keep on looking to the sides, pointing and commenting…                          Acting like the Asian tourists I used to jokes about back in CPH                                                   Not carring ’bout it anymore ’cause I’m too mesmorized by these spaces and the grandecious buildings placed beautifully, perfectly                                                                          I am where I always was supposed to be

They call it the city of Romance, amazed by the fact that I actually feel like a Pariasian..


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