Wait… I’m down here lying still; deep down in nothing-ville; surrounded by faces I know only exists in my imagination. No longer able to protect myself from anything or anyone. How can you then protect yourself from something you don’t know the identity of? A faceless enemy is trying to creep up on me. My opponent won’t get the best of me; my obstacles won’t pull me down; I won’t be let down by my fear. I’ve already hit the flow once a second is not an option; I’ve decided to leave it behind for another shallow stranger. I’m never gonna become a quitter. I rather cry and yell for help even if it’s from way down here. It might hurt in the moment, but later own it will grant me a new opportunity – a new beginning. It might me my way out of this sad hole – nonsense role. An escapist is what I want to be. Escaping this darkness – shaping my own light I s what I’m about to.

Escapism impress you I am ready to – impress me you have to be ready to.


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