We listen and they tell us all we need to hear. Necessities bound us to each other. They get what the need to survive from us things we owned by our ancestors. The amazing craftsmen and scientists of the time before our time; gave us this solid foundation we now build our world upon. These two parallel powerful universes live side by side, relying on order and affiliation. Reinforcing their network to work via dialogue, creating a system of share and tell. ‘Cause a Wiseman once said: ‘Always share with the ones you love, because sharing is caring!’. They are the beautiful creatures, who live in the Universe of Butterflies; we are the human beings living in the Universe known to others as Earth, Birth. Following our ancestors we will follow the wind and sky to where ever they might lead us. Together side by side the future is present it’s with us. Our voices will calm us and give us the guidance, we need to stay true to our two different natures and breathe – the voices will be amongst us. My voice will follow them both always and I will always be there listening to my dear lovely, Butterfly!


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